Explore… the App Content screen

The App Content screen displays a list of Pages, Actionflows, Dataflows and Components which are contained in the application.

Each type of content is separated into its own list, with 4 tabs available at the top of the Studio to switch between the type of content on display.

In a similar manner to the App List, pressing the ‘Create‘ button will allow you to add new pages/flows/component to the application.

Existing pages/flows/components can also be modified by selecting their name from the content list.

1. Features

The App Content screen also provides a number of additional features to view, modify and configure elements of an application:

1. Back

Closes the App Content screen and returns you to the App List screen.

2. Live Preview

Launches Live Preview which allows you to preview an app (in a separate window or on another device) whilst continuing to develop using the Studio.

3. Preview

Opens Preview mode. This pauses all development on the app and displays a preview of the app in the main Studio window.

4. Edit Mode

Enters Edit Mode which can be used to duplicate, delete or modify existing Pages, Actionflows, Dataflows and Components.

5. Config

Opens a droplist which can be used to navigate to the Studio Config and App Config screens.