Explore… the App List screen

The App List displays a list of applications held in the current installation of CommonTime Infinity.

New applications can be created by selecting the ‘Create App‘ button in the main section of the screen. Alternatively you can open the App Content screen to view/edit an existing app by selecting its icon within the list.

1. Features

The App List screen also provides a number of additional features to configure elements of the Studio or interact with applications:

1. Import App

Opens a file browser to locate a .ctiapp file to import an Infinity application into the Studio.

2. Export App

Exports the selected application in the the .ctiapp format. This can be used to pass the application from one installation to another, share it with other developers or keep it as a backup.

3. Build & Deploy App

Opens a popup window which can be used to initiate the Build Process to create a standalone version of the app. This button can also be used to access the most recent build for each platform to deploy the files to desktops machines and devices.

4. Preview App

Enters Preview Mode for the selected application to display what the app will look like to a user. This pauses all current development on the app and can be used to test features, debug issues and style elements.

5. Config

Navigates to the Studio Config screen which contains settings and features used by all applications in the Studio.

6. Edit Mode

Enters Edit Mode which can be used to duplicate, delete or modify applications listed on the App List.