Explore… Edit Mode

Edit Mode can be used to modify existing apps, pages and content within CommonTime Infinity. Whilst it offers different functionality depending on the location in the Studio, ranging from updating app settings to rearranging items on a page.

To enable Edit Mode, simply press on the pencil icon which can be found in the upper right corner of the editable area. This will reveal the available options and allow you to make changes. Once finished, you can disable Edit Mode by pressing the tick icon which appears in the same location as the pencil icon.

Note that some features within the Studio will be unavailable whilst Edit Mode is active. For example, you cannot expand items within the Page Editor, or enter an app from the App List screen.

Topics covered in this article

1. Apps
2. App Content
3. Items
4. Actions

1. Apps

Selecting the edit icon whilst on the App List screen will allow you to edit details of existing apps. The 3 buttons above each app icon will be replaced providing you with the following options:

1. Delete App
The red button can be used to delete the chosen application. A message box will be displayed to confirm whether you wish to carry out this action.

2. Duplicate App
The blue button can be used to clone the selected application. The name of the application will be changed to avoid duplication, but all items and settings will remain intact.

3. Edit App
The yellow button can be used to edit the chosen app. This presents the same options available in the ‘Create App‘ screen allowing you to modify details such as the name, icon, message queue and metadata.

2. App Content

Entering Edit Mode whilst on the App Content screen will allow you to modify Pages, Actionflows, Dataflows and Components contained in the app. In a similar manner to editing apps, the 3 buttons above each piece of app content will be replaced with the options to delete, duplicate or edit the chosen element.

Selecting the yellow edit symbol will allow you to change details of the page/flow/component. The options available will change depending on the type of app content. For example, editing a page allows you to update the name, enable/disable authentication or specify the start page.

3. Items

It is also possible to enable Edit Mode whilst viewing any of the ‘Editor‘ screens using the pencil symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. This will change the icons displayed within the Toolbar at the top of the Editor, providing a number of different ways to interact with items which have been added to the page/config/flow.

Once Edit Mode is enabled, you can press on an item to indicate it should be affected when you choose one of the available options. More than one item can be selected at once, with the chosen elements highlighted in blue.

The exact options available within the toolbar will depend on which editor you are currently viewing. Below are the options available from the Page Editor:

1. Duplicate selected items
Duplicates the selected item(s). The duplicated item(s) will be renamed, but retain all of the settings and properties.

2. Delete selected items
Removes the item(s) from the current page/config/flow.

3. Add to ‘My Items’
Save a copy of the item into My Items.

3a. Rearranging Items

Whilst in Edit Mode it is also possible to rearrange items within an Editor. Once Edit Mode has been enabled, you can use grab handle on the right hand side of the item to drag it to the desired location.

If you choose to move an item (e.g. Area, List) which has other items nested inside, all of these items will move together. The nested items can also be moved individually by using the grab handle associated with that individual item.

4. Actions

Selecting the edit symbol at the top of an Editor will collapse all items on the screen to make them easier to navigate and rearrange. This will prevent you from expanding an item to modify actions held in its ‘Actions’ tab.

Each ‘Actions’ tab therefore has its own edit toolbar. This behaves in a similar way to the toolbar displayed in the Editor, allowing you to rearrange, duplicate or delete the actions.