Explore… Export & Import Apps

Copies of an app can easily be exported from and imported into the CommonTime Infinity Studio. This allows you to pass the apps from one installation to another, share with other developers or keep as a backup.

When exported, applications are saved using the .ctiapp file extension. The file will packaged together all elements associated with the app, including the app’s content (pages, actionflows, components etc) and any assets (images, fonts, components, styling) which the app uses.

Topics covered in this article

1. Exporting Apps
2. Importing Apps

1. Exporting Apps

To export an application from CommonTime Infinity, navigate to the App List screen and select the left hand button which appears just above the application’s name.

On a desktop machine this will open a file browser and ask you to choose a location where the file should be saved. On a mobile device, you will be prompted to pick an app which can be used to save/transfer the file (e.g. Airdrop, Google Drive. Dropbox).

2. Importing Apps

To import an app into the Infinity Studio, navigate to the App List screen and select the import icon in the upper left corner. This should launch a file browser which can be used to select a .ctiapp file. Once you have selected a file, CommonTime Infinity will analyse its contents and may carry out a number of actions.

If the name of the imported app matches one already in your Studio, CommonTime Infinity will modify the name of the new app to avoid duplication. Equally, if the name of an asset included in the .ctiapp file clashes with an asset in the Studio, you will be prompted to select whether to keep the existing file or overwrite it with the one from the imported application.

In cases where the app was exported from from an older version of CommonTime Infinity, elements of the app may automatically be upgraded. If this occurs an Upgrade Report will be displayed with information, including the minimum version of the Studio the app can now be used in.

Equally, if the app includes features from a newer version of the Studio, an error message will be displayed and you will not be able to import the app until you upgrade your copy of CommonTime Infinity.